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Enamel 40

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Enamel 40 Decorated SCDG with Cordovan strap * 1,325.00 Euro

Enamel 40 Decorated SCDG with Alligator strap * 1,400.00 Euro

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Enamel is a glass-hard protective layer is fired on metal surfaces. This process, carried out at a furnace, is very complex and expensive. The material takes countless steps through to the finished product. Enamel is heat resistant and acid-resistant. The very smooth surface prevents rusting of the dial and is very resistant to scratches, dust or dirt. The pressure on the dial is applied by hand and then baked later. You can even wipe it with a wet cloth without damaging the dial. Enamel dials often survive many centuries and can be restored - an essential detail for a high quality timepiece that you wear over many decades. Only enamel dials really suitable as heirloom. Between 1660 - 1880 the dials of high-quality pocket watches were manufactured from enamel. Later, most were made of metal or brass due to cheaper production. Today dials are made of 99% brass, and very rarely of silver. The surface of modern dials is just painted. The paint layer is very sensitive, so much so that the first service can cause unpleasant small scratches or stains. Often it is enough for a dial to be touched with your fingers, and it's worthless. Enamel leaves, however, are so robust that you can restore to "new condition" centuries later. Unfortunately enamel leaves are now produced only by special factories by hand and a single dial can sometimes cost over 5,000, - €. Another feature of the enamel leaves is the milky-white color which is somewhat reminiscent of ivory and therefore looks very classy. To offer such beautiful watches at affordable prices also brings Tourby back to enamel-painted dials. The dials are made of high quality sterling silver 925/000 on which a very thin layer of enamel is applied which is strikingly similar to real enamel. For the discerning customer Tourby also offers genuine enamel dials, which can be specially made by appointment.

Prices for enamel coated models:


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Enamel 40 Decorated SCDG with Cordovan strap * 1,325.00 Euro

Enamel 40 Decorated SCDG with Alligator strap * 1,400.00 Euro



Folding clasp + 50,- Euro

Sunburst winding wheels + 100,- Euro


Partial hand engravings on movement  + 600,- Euro

Completely hand engravings on movement + 1800,- Euro


40.5 mm wristwatches in vintage pocket-watch design

48 mm lug to lug

22 mm strap wide

8.75 mm thickness (without glas)

10.6 mm thickness total (incl. glas)

ETA Unitas 6498.1 Decorated SCDG

Swiss Made pocket-watch movement (17 Jewels, 18.000 A/h, 48h power reserve)

Properly finished according to highest watchmaking standards

Domed sapphire on front with anti-reflected coating

Sapphire display case back
Genuine 925/000 Sterling Silver dial
Heat-blued steel hands

Stainless steel clasp

Watch straps made of genuine Louisiana alligator leather

Shipped in an attractive travel Leather case
anti-shock proof (DIN standard 8308)
antimagnetic 4,800 A (DIN standard 8309)